Week In Famo 7th Inning Stretch…

by Evan Roth | October 21, 2008

Greetings class, and welcome to another wacky Week In Famo. It’s been a good week for the internet, lets jump right in….

#2 on Digg for the week, with over 9k diggs, palinaspresident.us. ……where were you guys on this one. EASY FAMO!

With almost 7k diggs we have You Stole Our Obama Sign (PIC) . It’s a PIC, it’s a sign, it’s related to the presidential campaign…… it’s your #4 most dugg article of the week:

Coming in at the #6 spot with 6,642 diggs is the now infamous McCain Zombie.

The image was posted on Digg by user brown3218. If you track the static flickr URL (using this technique) you will find that it was uploaded by flickr account user brown3218 (coincidence?). Note that flickr only counts 30 views since the digg URL was to the static image. If you look through brown3218′s photo stream you will find a gold mine of such digg favorites as:

Cow curiousity fail [pic] (5,397 Diggs)

Don’t die, stay with me, damn it! [pic] (3745 Diggs)

Have you ever seen anything like this? (pic) (3907 Digss)

Instant Heart Attack (pic) (4908 Diggs)

Why Vote For McCain/Palin? (pic) (4307 Diggs)

Banksy Grafitti Removal (Pic) (5451 Diggs)

And a blast from week in famo #4:

Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru Action Figures (pic) (3666 Diggs)

Most of these are no doubt not his original content, but still…… dude is a digg jedi. Look through his flickr page and digg submission history; study his techniques. Brown3218 could win Internet Famous the Class for the next 20 years without having to touch a mouse.

Before we leave the McCain Zombie meme, it is worth noting that our own Prof. Dubs tasted some nice stumbledupon famo with his timely Zombie Nation post:

McCain Zombie also appeared in 3 articles in buzzfeed, including the 2nd most popular non-sex related article of the week:
- http://buzzfeed.com/meghanhenry/when-i-was-a-pow-we-didnt-have-brains-we-did-bom-1ot
- Fun With McCain
- Photoshopped McCain Zombie Images

funwithmccain.com and WFMU’s blog have particularly good McCain Zombie photoshop contests.


…phew….. ok, honestly that really tired me out. Lets move onto art famo of the week:

From Boing-Boing, the work of Zhang Huan getting some love:

Cholla the horse painter:

From Rhizome, ‘Loop’ is pretty hot:

Some really good stuff over at clubinternet.org:
Tazer Tests:

Untitled (KW):


Also wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t mention Gamecocks – Garcia tackled by ref:

And lastly, EPIC FAIL on your Internet Famous Class Icons for the site banner! …..(Jamie/James, yell at them about this in your angry voice). I don’t want to click on any of those! Learned you nothing from Peretti?!?! Check out the article icons on buzzfeed… now those I want to click on.

Now go forth and famo.

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  1. Jamie Wilkinson:
    10-21-2008 at 8:56 pm #

    Angry voice was used, new heads coming soon. A beautiful week in famo sir

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