Week In Famo #13….

by Evan Roth | December 16, 2008

It’s been a while, I’ve missed you guys. Nothing like some weekly famo re-caps to bring us closer together.

The big hit of the week is of course…. our nations president dodging shoes (8874 Diggs):

I Found Him! claims 6293 with a simple wave of the pen tool:

I don’t even eat meat and I think the bacon weave is dope (4751 Diggs):

Why People Write “First” in the comments (3586):

#1 for the week on Buzzfeed is Parson’s alumn Becky Stern’s Private Browsing Sweater:

And what would a good meme be without some animated gif remixes:

The most “awesome viral videos of 2008″ according to videogum:

Soft 9-11:

Iraqi Reporter Throws Shoes At Bush claims 17 of the top 20 most viewed youtube clips of the week.

Internet art all star (and personal favorite) Oliver Laric makes youtubes front page featured section with his clipart annimation (if you haven’t seen his work be sure to check it out):

If someone just slaps some west coast rap ontop of this I’m guaranteeing some famo:

Skills With A 15 Ton Front Loader – Watch more Entertainment

3D Cursor:

fffff.at resident tobi-x claims some famo with Pirates of the Amazon….. Great project, great title.

ER over and out.

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  1. Jamie Wilkinson:
    12-16-2008 at 11:23 am #

    Return of the Box-Surfing Cat (via buzzfeed)

  2. Jamie Wilkinson:
    12-16-2008 at 11:26 am #

    Also, the “Yo Dawg” xzibit/Pimp My Ride meme has been making huge rounds on Tumblr lately…

    the original:

    some good ones from http://yodawg.tumblr.com/

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