Week in Famo #12

by Jamie Wilkinson | December 2, 2008

Hope you’ve enjoyed your Thanksgiving tryptophan high, cuz we now resume our regular internet studies… this week in the social media landscape:

Rickroll has officially entered mainstream culture with a surprise performance by Rick Astley during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Over 7000 diggs and over 1800 points on Reddit:

The dark side of Black Friday, with 3945 diggs and 1730 points on Reddit:
Long Islanders Fatally Stampede Over Walmart Worker

Pictures rounded out most of the top dugg stories of the week…

Not-quite-Engrish grabs 4844 diggs:

From The Onion, but truer than some might like (4496 diggs):

Ongoing fun with beauty pageants (4352 diggs):

Religion again (4496 diggs):

And from our friends at BuzzFeed

A clear top story with 84,000 views, Lois Feldman gains internet infamy for having semi-public drunken bathroom sex. I cry (real) pics or it didn’t happen

In second place with almost 60,000 views is Michael Phelp’s new girlfriend, “cocktail waitress” Caroline Pal

The film Twilight hit theatres last week, but it’s star Kristen Stewart smoking a bowl in public that gets attention:

Boston.com’s (excellent) Big Picture highlights photography from the Mumbai terror attacks:

Switching gears to Reddit we see some attention to retouching, not dissimilar from our own Evan Roth’s Detouch project:

Ripe to be punched into Detouch, which highlights changed pixels. Code freely available of course (info)

And in more ER news, the highlight of my week… Evan does a music video for Jay-Z ! “Brooklyn Go Hard” w/ Santogold done with typographical illustration, which he originally developed while at Parsons (nudge nudge)

Catch the video’s ending credits? “Download Source Code” — one step closer to making open source the 6th element of hip-hop.

What’d you do this week?

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