Week In Famo #10 killed by Chinese Firewall

Evan Roth  November 11, 2008

Greetings class. I’m in Beijing this week and since I don’t have the energy to fight the Great Fire Wall I’m throwing in the towel until next week.

I hope “the mission” is a smashing success. Make sure to come next week when we will be joined by Greg Barlow who will be teaching us the power of fame and the dark $ide. This is a man who knows that the internet is indeed serious business:

Week In Famo #9

Evan Roth  November 4, 2008

It’s 8:40pm in Hong Kong and voting has just begun in the US. By the time class ends there is a good chance the results will be in. What does this mean for the country? I don’t know…. but I’m hoping that for this class it will mean the last time I have to report on ANYTHING Sarah Palin related. And with that let’s digg right in (pun intended):

And the number one most dugg article of the week, scoring 8684 diggs, is….. of course….. Sarah Palin being a dumb dumb:

Coming in 2nd with 7824 is Pedobear & Loli – Halloween 2008:

For more info on insider 4Chan memes please consult Prof. Dub.

Raise your hand if you attempted a nerdy Halloween costume? (I hope there are a lot of hands up, this is such an easy win)

Some Photoshopery claims 4796 diggs:

Smart presidential Debate mashup claims 4617 Diggs:

Get the latest news satire and funny videos at 236.com.

Buzzfeed has a good post on Internet Meme Halloween costumes…. lets take a moment to reflect:

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Week In Famo #8

Evan Roth  October 28, 2008

Greetings all, and welcome again to the Week In Famo, live from Hong Kong.


#1 with 8644 diggs, and a whopping 2557 comments, I can’t imagine a President being named Obama:

Sneaky Restaurant Fail (alt. title: Bad Wall Design) claims 5739 Diggs.

They’ll never know puts 5012 in the bag:

Not surprising that the majority of the top 20 involve the presidential race (yawn). Can’t wait till we get back to slip-n-falls and cat videos.

Moving over to youtube:

Blatant middle frame grab action clocks in almost a million views on this rather lame McCain Palin rap:

Bigger than the Colin Powell endorsement was the return of the WASSSSUUP boys (2 million views and counting):

When politics is ruining your internet waves it’s always a good time to head over to break.com….. of the top 16 most viewed videos of the week only 1 has to do with the election.

The number one most viewed video of the week on break is, “Baby Elephant Knocks Out Old Man” (2 millions views +):

Baby Elephant Knocks Out Old Man – Watch more free videos

In honor of Prof. Dub’s reporting on the FAIL, I thought we’d do a new series called FAILING IN FAMO.

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Week In Famo 7th Inning Stretch…

Evan Roth  October 21, 2008

Greetings class, and welcome to another wacky Week In Famo. It’s been a good week for the internet, lets jump right in….

#2 on Digg for the week, with over 9k diggs, palinaspresident.us. ……where were you guys on this one. EASY FAMO!

With almost 7k diggs we have You Stole Our Obama Sign (PIC) . It’s a PIC, it’s a sign, it’s related to the presidential campaign…… it’s your #4 most dugg article of the week:

Coming in at the #6 spot with 6,642 diggs is the now infamous McCain Zombie.

The image was posted on Digg by user brown3218. If you track the static flickr URL (using this technique) you will find that it was uploaded by flickr account user brown3218 (coincidence?). Note that flickr only counts 30 views since the digg URL was to the static image. If you look through brown3218′s photo stream you will find a gold mine of such digg favorites as:

Cow curiousity fail [pic] (5,397 Diggs)

Don’t die, stay with me, damn it! [pic] (3745 Diggs)

Have you ever seen anything like this? (pic) (3907 Digss)

Instant Heart Attack (pic) (4908 Diggs)

Why Vote For McCain/Palin? (pic) (4307 Diggs)

Banksy Grafitti Removal (Pic) (5451 Diggs)

And a blast from week in famo #4:

Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru Action Figures (pic) (3666 Diggs)

Most of these are no doubt not his original content, but still…… dude is a digg jedi. Look through his flickr page and digg submission history; study his techniques. Brown3218 could win Internet Famous the Class for the next 20 years without having to touch a mouse.

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Week In Famo #6

Evan Roth  October 14, 2008

Greetings again my famo friends. In honor of the coming of Peretti we will start with the week in buzz:

- The #1 most popular article of the week on buzzfeed…… Sarah Palin’s SAT Scores?:

Followed with #19 Sarah Palin’s IQ?:

- 7 of the top 20 most popular articles on buzzfeed are Palin related.
- 13 of the top 20 have to do with sex. (And yes, I’m including the Naked Shorting article in this category).
- 4 of the top 20 have to do with Palin and Sex…. dare a I suggest Sex + Palin = famo?

From the land of Digg…

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Certified Internet Famous

Jamie Wilkinson  October 9, 2008

1 month into the class and Liz Filardi is leading the pack… stay tuned

Jamie Wilkinson presenting Liz Filardi with a certificate of famo victory

Certificate of Internet Fame

Limited edition famo certificate by Ireneface. Class photo by Famous Andrew

Lazer Portraits

Jamie Wilkinson  October 5, 2008

lazerportraits.tumblr.com by Emily Coxe Lindsey Weber:

You begged your mom to pay the extra $4. A tribute to the greatest school photo backdrop there ever was.

dan2600 also shared some graphics for photoshoppery:

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