Famo class on Current TV

Jamie Wilkinson  February 4, 2009

“In the Internet Famous class at Parson’s New School, students blog, facebook, twitter, and digg their way to internet fame and hopefully an A.” [link]

Mad props if you register a Current account and vote us up on their site. Further props for retweets, reblogs, re-edits, remixes, reposts, crossposts, sideposts, you name it. That’s what we’re all about baby.

Week In Famo #13….

Evan Roth  December 16, 2008

It’s been a while, I’ve missed you guys. Nothing like some weekly famo re-caps to bring us closer together.

The big hit of the week is of course…. our nations president dodging shoes (8874 Diggs):

I Found Him! claims 6293 with a simple wave of the pen tool:

I don’t even eat meat and I think the bacon weave is dope (4751 Diggs):

Why People Write “First” in the comments (3586):

#1 for the week on Buzzfeed is Parson’s alumn Becky Stern’s Private Browsing Sweater:

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Concept Tumblr of the Day: Adopt Jack the Dog

Jamie Wilkinson  December 5, 2008

Jack is also rockin’ it on Vimeo:

My Name is JACK – Please ADOPT ME! from adriene hughes on Vimeo

Other concept tumblrs we’ve enjoyed, all focused and dedicated:
* Puddle Blog
* Boner Party
* Laser Portraits

Week in Famo #12

Jamie Wilkinson  December 2, 2008

Hope you’ve enjoyed your Thanksgiving tryptophan high, cuz we now resume our regular internet studies… this week in the social media landscape:

Rickroll has officially entered mainstream culture with a surprise performance by Rick Astley during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Over 7000 diggs and over 1800 points on Reddit:

The dark side of Black Friday, with 3945 diggs and 1730 points on Reddit:
Long Islanders Fatally Stampede Over Walmart Worker

Pictures rounded out most of the top dugg stories of the week…

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Concept Twitters

Jamie Wilkinson  November 19, 2008

Yesterday in class we created twitter narratives in the vein of Natural History Whale and Mars Phoenix Lander. We then had a race to see who could add the most followers in an hour… Neil Patrick Harris won.

Week In Famo #11

Evan Roth  November 18, 2008

As excited as I am for the coming of Obama I am even more excited to report that only 1 of the 10 must dugg articles of the week has to do with Obama, Palin, or McCain. Now we can finally get back to photos paired with poetry… the way the web is supposed to be. Case in point (5,987 Diggs):

“Thats what you get douchebag”

God’s Facebook page wins the week with 6,527 diggs:

Soooo funny (5,074 diggs):


Graphs still seem to be getting some love:

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Field Trip: New York Times – Special Edition (End of Iraq War)

Jamie Wilkinson  November 13, 2008

Famo class member conwayl:

A bunch of us Internet Famous cats were lucky enough to skip out on class last night and get down on some Fake NY Times fun. Here are some photos from last nights fun and today’s insanity.










For more photos —> http://www.flickr.com/conwayl

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